In 2017, the Center for Community Health Partnership & Research (CCHPR) partnered with the Brown School Evaluation Center to conduct an organizational capacity needs assessment with nearly 50 nonprofit organizations in St. Louis and the surrounding counties. Since releasing the findings, CCHPR has structured an Organizational Capacity Building Initiative (CB Initiative) to respond to the top identified needs for capacity building: leadership, communication, data management, and evaluation. These capacity areas are essential for developing, implementing, and sustaining programs that improve community health and well-being. Assessed organizations identified individualized technical assistance as the optimal way to support capacity needs.

The Capacity Building Fund (CBF) supports technical assistance requests from community organizations in St. Louis and the surrounding counties. Technical assistance is a process of targeted support for a specified need or problem an organization or program is facing. It is expected that the technical assistance will indirectly or directly support improved community health and well-being.

The CBF provides individualized technical assistance for up to five (5) community organizations per year in the areas of leadership, communication, data management, and evaluation. An organization does not request funding, but instead requests support with a specific problem the organization (or a program within the organization) is facing. If awarded, CCHPR will: 1) broker a relationship with a technical assistance provider; 2) support development of the scope of work between the technical assistance provider and the organization; and 3) pay the technical assistance provider directly. The scope of work will define the technical assistance period. It is estimated that each award will be valued at $5,000 or less.

Examples of types of technical assistance that could be provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Support with visualizing the impact of a program, or "crafting your story" for potential funders
  • Developing logic models and evaluation plans
  • Designing quantitative surveys
  • Designing qualitative instruments
  • Developing data management systems
  • Developing data collection procedures
  • Technical support for evaluation planning
  • Technical support for data analysis
  • Implementing learning and tools from a professional development course (e.g., Brown School Summer Institute)

Any non-profit or governmental agency within St. Louis or the surrounding counties is eligible to apply. The technical assistance request can support any staff position(s); however, each application requires acknowledgement of permission by executive leadership (e.g., Executive Director).

An organization may only hold one CBF award in a 12-month period.

Application Process
Applications must be submitted via the online application. Sections include:

After your application is reviewed, you will be contacted by CCHPR to discuss any next steps, recommendations, and/or additional details.

Submission Timeline
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed the first Thursday of each month. You will receive confirmation your application has been received.

Review Criteria
Applications will be reviewed by CCHPR leadership and a community panel. Applications will be evaluated on:

  • Clearly stated request for technical assistance
  • Request clearly conveys how the technical assistance has potential to improve community health and wellbeing directly or indirectly
  • Feasibility of the request (e.g., available technical assistance provider, available funds remaining)
  • The overall quality of the application

Preference will be given to applicants who are recipients of the CCHPR Summer Institute Scholarship and/or alumni of the Community Research Fellows Training Program seeking support in implementing new learning.

Process and Progress Reporting
At the mid-point and conclusion of the technical assistance period, CCHPR will request a brief report from the technical assistance provider on progress and outcomes. CCHPR will also request a written and/or in person report from the community organization on the experience, outcomes, and next steps at these time points.

Application Support
Questions regarding the application and Capacity Building Fund should be directed to Hilary Broughton,

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